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The Illusionist:


Hazel eyes stare at the white ceiling, as strokes of amber sun rays dance in unison with the swaying tree branches-morning had arrived and with it her revenge.

Tiptoeing out of her bed, the pink footie pajama wearing girl carefully opens her bedroom door ajar and peeks out-the hallway is empty.

Giggling the small blonde girl emerges from her room with a small bottle of yellow dish soap and begins to squirt it onto the wooden floor near the staircase.

With the dish soap bottle empty, the girl smiles and runs back into her room.

Yawning as he rubs his eyes, Kendall Smith sluggishly walks towards the bathroom, as he prepares to begin his morning routine.

About halfway to the bathroom door, the blonde teenager stops-something is wrong.

He can feel his bare feet covered in something slimy, and as he looks down he sees his feet slowly moving apart from each other-Kendall smiles knowing that his baby sister is the one behind this "prank."

Kendall: Quietly "Clever…"

Extending his arms to his side, Kendall begins to slowly walk out of the slippery puddle of soap.

Sighing as he reached the end, Kendall applies pressure on his left foot-a fatal mistake-as he returns to his normal gait.

His feet give way causing him to spin like a carousel. Fear enters his blood and thoughts, as he desperately tries to grab onto to something to regain his balance, but it's no use.

Dizziness and nausea overcame his being. His left foot, followed by his right one, plummets down the staircase, causing the lean teenager to slam hard into the stair's edge railing.

Rapid breathing expel from Kendall's mouth, which begins to ease, thinking the worse was over-it wasn't.

Having been damaged by the impact, the wooden railing suddenly breaks loose from its hinges sending a screaming Kendall to the first floor-silence.

Awoken by the commotion, Kendall's parents hastily emerge from their bedroom, gasping at the sight before them.

Her heart was racing and her breathing was about to catch up. Katie flings her door open and rushes towards the stairs, as she sees her mom descending, but is caught by her father's power hands.

Father: Kneeing "No…Stay here Katie."

Katie: "But…"

Father: "Please pumpkin, stay here."

Katie: "Ok…"

Father: Extending his pinky out "Promise?"

Katie: Making a pinky-promise "Promise."

Kissing her daughter on her forehead, Kent Smith raises just as a high pitch scream is heard-daughter and father look at each other.

Father: Raising his hand "No, stay."

Reluctant, Katie nods as her dad rushes down the flight of stairs to the landing where her wife was kneeing and crying hysterically.

A menacing giggle is heard.

Perched on the railing to Katie's right, is a handsome clown. Slowly, the teen clown turns its blushing-white powered face to Katie. Smirking, he lifts a flesh colored index finger to his lips-he fades out.

Turning her attention back to her parents, the blonde girl sees them descending and the sight she sees as they leave makes her scream like her mother-her brother oozing red liquid from six areas where six wooden railing bars impaled his body.
Some of the prologue to my new Sarah Jane Adventures fan-fiction, The Illusionist. The rest can be read here [link]
DarthFrizzle Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Gave. Me. The. Creeps.
ElijahVD Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for reading. I'm still working on Part 2, hope to finish it soon.
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