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The Sarah Jane Adventures:

A Day without Sarah Jane Smith:

The episode opens with an outside-view of Sarah Jane's house, number 13 of Eagling Street; it's raining.

The camera is now inside, behind Rani, who is looking outside; the camera now shows her closing the curtain, getting off the sofa and walking towards the rest of the gang.

The camera shows that Sarah Jane is on her laptop working, while Luke is talking to Mr. Smith about something and Clyde is seen sitting on the steps that lead to Mr. Smith patting K-9.

Rani: Closing the curtains "I should get going it's starting to pour."

The camera then shows Sarah Jane taking off her glasses and turning around to see Rani packing up her school books, etc. from the coffee table.

Sarah Jane: Placing her glasses in her pocket and looking up at the window above her "I think that's best, don't want you to get a cold or something."

The camera then shows Clyde getting up and joining Rani as she heads for the attic's door; Mr. Smith is seen converting back into his chimney form; Sarah Jane and Luke also join Rani and Clyde at the door.

Clyde: With his book bag "Hang on Rani, I'll go with you."

The camera shows everyone leaving the attic.

The next scene is of the front door of Sarah Jane's house; it opens and we see Rani, Clyde, Luke, and Sarah Jane looking at the rain.

Clyde: Looking up at the sky "Weather men, they'll get it right one day."

Luke: Placing a hand on Clyde's shoulder "It's only a prediction Clyde, air currents, the amount of sun rays, angle of the earth, all that can change from day to another and with it the weather."

Clyde: Looking at Luke "Yep, still you."

Sarah Jane: Smiling and sort of laughing "Come on you two."

Sarah Jane is seen opening a black umbrella as she steps out of the house, Rani joins her under it; Luke is seen also opening another black umbrella, Clyde joins him.

The camera is at angle and shows the opening that leads to Sarah Jane's driveway, the camera focuses on the gang.

Sarah Jane: Handing the umbrella to Rani "Here, you and Clyde take this umbrella, Luke and I will share the one he has."

Rani takes the umbrella as Clyde joins her as he is seen saying goodbye to Luke; Sarah Jane joins Luke.

Clyde: Waving at Sarah Jane and Luke "See you Sarah Jane."

Rani: Waving also "Bye Sarah Jane. Take care Luke."

The camera shows Rani and Clyde looking both ways before crossing the street; Sarah Jane and Luke are seen waving bye to them.

At that moment there is a loud screeching noise, like those of burning tires; the gang turns and they see a black sports car going at full speed towards Rani and Clyde.

Luke: "Mom!"

The camera shows Sarah Jane running towards where Rani and Clyde are and pushes them out of the way, getting hit by the black sports car as she does; the car doesn't stop and once it's gone Rani, Clyde, and Luke rush towards her.

Luke: Passing his hands through his hair and pulling it "Mom, mom! Oh God!"

Rani: "Sarah Jane! Sarah Jane can you hear us?"

The camera shows Clyde banging on Rani's house; Haresh answers.

Luke: "Mom! MOM!"

The camera shows an above view of the scene; Haresh is seen joining the gang; he pulls out his phone.

The scene fades and the beginning credits begin to role.
This is part of a fan-fiction I wrote awhile back, hope you enjoy it.

The rest can be read here:

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Hope you enjoy the rest.
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